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In-home Contractor (1 position available)

The role of an in-home contractor is to care for clients pets in their own home whilst the client is on holiday/business trip.  They will need to walk (dogs) and feed all pets on a daily basis and ensure they are kept in a loving, caring environment.   Anyone wishing to apply to become a contractor must:

  • Have a current ABN, registered in their name (or have proof they have applied for one);
  • Be a home owner and not renting;
  • Have a fully fenced secured yard;
  • Not have more than one dog living at home;
  • Have friendly, non-aggressive pets;
  • Be willing to have their yard and pets met by a DBC employee to see if they are suitable;  and
  • Be willing to sign a contract to commence 1 Jan 2015 with a 3 month trial period.


If you would like to apply please send a letter (including your address) stating why you would be suitable to



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