Pet Home Care


We have a couple of options available for the care of your pets while you are on holiday.

They can either stay in your home or one of our homes, wherever they will feel more comfortable.

Your Home

NUTMEG 140722 - Tonya 2We will visit your home once or twice daily, depending on the needs of your pet/s.

Prior to your vacation we will arrange an initial consultation in your home to give us the opportunity to meet your pets, and collect important information about feeding, exercise needs, vets and contact details.

AVA & ZEUS 140716 - TonyaAll animals will be fed and supplied with fresh water and dogs will be walked for 10-20 minutes each day.  We have cared for a large variety of animals in the past so you can be secure in the knowledge that your pets will be safe and happy.  We can also water plants, put out your bins out and collect your mail.

Prices are dependant on your suburb. Please check the prices page for more information.


Please note the following when considering this option:

  1. Doggy Boot Camp is fully insured however we are not responsible if your pet escapes, please make sure your yard is fully secure;
  2. We highly recommend your pets are left with ID or council registration tags on;
  3. It is recommended that you let one of your neighbours know that there will be someone visiting to care for your pets;
  4. If you need to leave us a key please label it with your pets name NOT your address.


Our Homes

We have a selection of homes where your pets can stay in a happy loving environment with other animals.  Dogs will get walked daily and all our homes are fully fenced and secure.

You will have an initial visit with the host family to make sure all the pets will be happy together, while you are on vacation.  You will need to provide food, bedding and a suitable walking lead and collar.

Prices are $28 per day for one dog and $42 for two dogs.  Please contact us on 0420 38 38 33 for more information on other pets.

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